What’s your question? Photo by flickr user Margaret Anne Clarke

It’s been a busy week for the HackCollege crew. We all met up on Tuesday in New York City for the live taping of the Diggnation. It was the first time that either I or @lesinski had met Mike Bertolino, our writer from West Chester University, in the flesh. We had a blast!

Needless to say, Discuss Campus hasn’t even begun to slow down. Here are this week’s hottest questions:

What are some Must-Have programs for your computer during college?

What are some really useful programs and/or unique program uses you would recommend for a college student to have on his desktop/laptop to perform better in college?

Is it a good idea to enroll into a once-a-week, 3 hour class?

The advantage of enrolling into a once-a-week course is having one long and efficient class session. However, what are the disadvantages?

How can I catch up and get at the same level of intoxication as my friends when arriving late at a party?

I often show up at parties when I finish work. This means everyone else is way more drunk than me and it’s difficult to catch up to their level! What is the best way to get drunk quick (thats quite safe?)