It’s crunch time. Finals are fast approaching. So is Thanksgiving break. There is so much work to get done before hopping on the plane on Wednesday morning for a day of hellish travel. We are asking ourselves: will I get everything done in time? Will I pass all of my classes? Is it possible for a human skull to explode from pure stress?

To take your mind off of it, HackCollege brings you Goodie Two-Shoes week. This short feature will cover the things that you are forgetting to do because you are so incredibly stressed out. Like how to make your bed in the morning, or how to refuse money from your parents. These are the things that the impeccable and ne’er-do-bad readers of HackCollege can do in their sleep. But your parents might be reading this week, so we need to remind them that you are an amazing, talented student. Why might my parents be reading this week? you ask. It’s because we have new sweatshirts on sale.

As evidenced by our sidebar, we’ve got some new sweatshirts we’re selling. They are in the spirit of John Belushi’s iconic sweater worn in Animal House and found in poster form in dorm rooms around the planet. You want one, don’t you? 

But we know how stressed you are, so that’s why we’ve made special pages for you to forward onto your parents. These pages give your parents a subtle suggestion for a Christmas present, i.e. a HackCollege sweatshirt. We’ve designed these pages to make you look good, so there’s no harm in forwarding it along when you get the unanswerable question, “What do you want for Christmas this year?” We have the answer:

If you would like to check out other pictures of the sweatshirts and get more info on them for yourself, we’ve got a page for that, too: HackCollege Sweatshirts.

Be on the lookout for Goodie Two-Shoes Week posts all this week. And have a good Turkey Day!