Hi guys. I could use some help. My college improv team is up for the wildcard spot to the national College Improv Tournament. We’re really gunning to go. We need as many votes as possible before December 14. So do us a favor and vote for my team!

Please vote for “Laser Squad Bravo” at the following link:


You will be prompted for an email address. If you want to avoid spam and have GMail, you can just add a plus sign to the end of the first part of your email address and set up a filter. You can see the tutorial of how to do this here: Using Gmail Aliases for Better Organization [Web Worker Daily].

A little about the team

The LMU improv team is named Laser Squad Bravo. We had to change our name a few years back from Catholic Guilt. Whoops. The team performs regularly at LMU and in the greater Los Angeles area. Joining this team was one of the more awesome things I’ve done in college.

Our alumni and current players are also making names for themselves. Scott Gairdner (the G4 King of Dot Comedy) and the guys behind Amazing Super Powers are all alumni of the team. One of our current players is opening next week for B.J. Novak.

Thanks so much for voting!