For better or for worse, finals week changes our schedules around.  Whether it’s an 8am class, whose exam time is at night or the library extending its hours beyond its normal closing time. With these changes in schedule and the anxiety that comes along with the potentially busy schedule, we may hastily eat unhealthy foods instead of what we might normally eat. So here are some tips to help you eat foods that will help us during finals time. 

You Can Order Out

It’s okay to order out, you’re stressed. In fact, it may be better for your focus, only diverging from your desk to look for menu or make a phone call. Instead of ordering a double bacon cheeseburger, order something healthy because by the time you get to finals, you usually know what’s up with your campus’ take out scene. If you don’t there’s always CampusFood. CampusFood, already profiled on HC here, may give you healthier options you might have been previously unaware of. 

Edit the Settings On Your Coffee Drink

As you may or may not know, we love coffee here at HackCollege. Hell, we even did a whole week dedicated to the stuff. So if you love coffee and coffee drinks as much as we do then follow the next few sentences for a more healthy coffee experience. Use nonfat milk instead of the whole milk the barista puts in your drink normally. Check to see if they have any Sugar Free syrups. For the simple people who just like a cup of Joe with cream and sugar, try to use half as much sugar if you’re drinking twice as much coffee, or a third as much if you’re drinking three times as much coffee. 

Plan Study Time Before Finals

One of the things I love about college is its tendency to be spontaneous. I seldom like to heavily plan my days beyond: my job, extracurriculars and classes. But during finals, it’s a different story; it’s game time so to speak. We need to be at the top of our game during finals, so planning out meals, sleeping and study time isn’t considered out of the ordinary. Planning helps you to not get lost in studying. Like Kelly said below, rewarding yourself is important. 

Does finals make it harder to stay on your normal schedule? Comment below to share!

Image via Flickr User [j]t