You’re doing it right.Finding a balance between serious study time and time for sanity can be extremely hard during finals week. Slaving over your desk might lead to you knowing everything there is to know about a subject, and you very well might get an A in class.  In that case, congratulations. For the people who need to get out during finals week, here are some ideas for some good clean fun because you don’t want to destress by partying and show up to a final hungover.

Go See a Movie / Have a Movie Night

I suggest you see a comedy. Laughing at the movie will help you unwind, undoing all the stress built up from studying. Try to stay away from the movie refreshments. Not only are they expensive, but they will mess up the finals week healthy food groove you have hopefully gotten yourself into after reading this post

Have a Potluck Dinner

A good thing about fall finals is that when you get home, the Holidays are right around the corner. The bad thing about that is you can’t spend that time with all the lovely people you’ve met at school. So for one night during finals week, have a party (without alcohol) to celebrate the end of the semester and the holidays everyone celebrates. If anyone wants to invite me to one, I make a bangin’ taco dip. Just sayin’.

Do Something On Campus

Throughout the semester, you look at the bulletin boards by the elevators leading up to your room. You think: “Hey, this looks like it might be interesting,” but you don’t go to it because there’s a party or The Office is on or whatever. Now is the time to go see something. It’s important that you get out. If it’s seeing an Interpretive Dance Session for Pygmy Monkeys, then go do it. It will get your mind off of studying and pique your interest in something you might want to do next semester.

See What’s Going on In Town

College towns are usually the cultural center of their metropolis, county, state and other sections of territory we are all familiar with. So search the internet and newspapers, to see what’s going down. Head out to a comedy club, because we all know laughter is good. Other activities like bowling, ice skating, rock climbing, laser tag, among other things will really let off some steam and help you cope with all excess cortisol being pumped into your brain. 

How do you let off steam during finals week? Comment below and share!

Image via Flickr user eyti