Students at the Chapman University Undie Run during finals week. Stefan over at StudySuccessful reminds us just how important it is to exercise every day during finals week. Depending on your university, you might have to do it in your underwear.

Stefan’s motivation strategy involves only one coed and probably more clothing: 

Make the deal with a friend to run every day. This means you can’t get out of it, you have to, you made the deal already.

Run at 8 am. This means you are awake early, which means you can start to study early!

Don’t run a marathon. Running for 20 minutes is just perfect.

Don’t try to compete with a cheeta. Just run on a steady pace.

When you are done, make the deal you see your friend in 30 minutes to go to the library. Another time restriction which makes you study early!

Keep that blood flowing to your brain!

You still have time to line up a running date for tomorrow morning! 

And if you’re still looking for finals week tips, we wrote on it extensively during last week’s prep-week — everything from trail mix to studying at the bar

[image courtesy of Tom Arthur via CC license]