Since we’re in an infographic mood here at HackCollege (and since I’ve had nothing but free time for the last few days–family vacation…), I went hunting for some fun, Christmas-y infographics.

The Christmas season, as it turns out, is full of incredible and odd information and statistics: Oregon sells 6 million Christmas trees every year?!?!? Fake trees are WAY more expensive than the real ones??!?! Weird, people.

So, in the spirit of sharing, here are two awesome infographics that sum up pretty perfectly the Christmas season (click the image to enlarge them):

The Christmas Season: By the Numbers

Our Present Economy

 Lots of fun facts, no? What’s your favorite cool thing about Christmas? And, if you find an infographic about Santa’s Christmas Eve trip, which I know exists but is eluding me, post the link here! It’s hilarious.

Merry Christmas, everyone!