All we want is the best deal on textbooks. Though you can probably get your textbooks for free, sometimes, you’ll find yourself cornered into trading perfectly good beer money for a textbook that subsidizes a dirty publishing company CEO’s yacht. I’M BITTER! OKAY? LAY OFF! 

If you must make that sickening purchase, you’ve got to get the best deal. There are countless textbook comparison sites around, but few account for a new trend — textbook renting. Renting a textbook can save you a lot of cash, but sometimes, it doesn’t compare to the savings in just buying a used one. So, TextbookRenter aggregates both prices — used and rental.  

The site is simple and clean, using one of those great all-in-one ISBN, author and title search fields. And the layout of the final results clearly breaks down your options, including shipping. It doesn’t provide as many buying options as its parent site, CampusBooks (you only get a “summary price comparison”), nor does it go into details about the condition the book is in. But, after you’ve exhausted your free options this semester, it’s worth checking to get an overview of renting versus buying.