This was formerly an area of catastrophic crotchal destruction. Never forget.

Jeans are a big deal on the West Coast. Like really, you guys. Like you can totally wear nice jeans instead of slacks. Thanks to Miss Fergalicous, Seven Jeans, True Religions have cemented themselves firmly on those hangars in your closet. You hang up your jeans, don’t you? But like any piece of clothing, jeans get worn. Eventually, they get worn to the point of no return. My jeans always wear out in the crotchal area because of my long… bike rides around campus. Alas, these expensive jeans usually go to the jean graveyard. That is, until now.

I got an email the other day (we get lots) from Denim Therapy. Conveniently, there was a pair of jeans that I had just worn through. Denim Therapy? More like Denim Serendipity. Denim Therapy will repair your jeans for you, and just about handle anything you throw at them.

Being a hobbyist seamstress earlier in my life, I knew that these jeans were done for. They weren’t ripped so much as they were worn. Worn in the wrong place: not near any seams per se, but not really near a part that could be reinforced by a hipster-plaid patch. In desperation, I sent my jeans in. That’s how this technology works: you send your jeans in, they give you a quote, then you give them a “donate” or “repair”—depending on the quote.

My quote came back after this guy delivered my package: $56. Are you Z*&^X%C*&(UQEWR kidding me? The jeans cost much more than that originally, but $56 seemed like an awful lot for a little tear in the ass area. Denim Therapy charges by the inch repaired. My repair was 8 inches. I pulled the trigger.

A week or two later, my most favoritest jeans came back. They were repaired. And I swear Denim Therapy pulled out their robes and wizard hats on this one because the jeans are as good as new. Hopefully their patchwork will hold. Until then, I’m going to pick up some chicks.