Introducing… the Ramenbox. Photo by Blake Sutton.

This guest post comes from my younger brother, Blake Sutton. He’s currently a sophomore at Notre Dame studying biochemistry or something. I don’t like ramen so I forced him to write this review.

Going to school in the Midwest has few advantages. When you move in during the summer everything is humid and sticky. During the winter, snow gets dumped on you. The nearest Asian supermarket is in Chicago. It is nearly impossible to get decent ramen around here, something I miss from the West Coast. fills in the need for salt and late night snacks with delivery to your dorm room. The website has a nice and friendly layout that is easy to understand. You won’t find your 50-cent Cup-O-Noodles on this website. The ramen choices are a bit more exotic. Since the ramen is nicer than most, you will end up paying $1 per slot. Your standard pack of ramen is one slot, while bigger bowls take up more slots. You are essentially paying for the convenience of the ramen being shipped to you door. The packing and shipping costs $6 so for $26 you get enough ramen to last you about a month.

There is one downside – it can take awhile for the ramen to make it to your room. is based out of California. Out in the middle of Indiana it took about a week for it to reach me. In that week, I lost about 10 pounds and passed it off as a hunger strike. All in all, Ramenbox is a decent service if you it’s difficult to find your favorite ramen.

If you want to try the service for yourself just go to and use the promotion code “hackcollege” to get a 10% discount.