It’s been a while since HackCollege has been covered in an old-school newspaper. While you might know lifehacking forwards and backwards, many of the masses remain uneducated. And it’s kind of cool to read yourself in something that is published every day on this technology historians refer to as “paper.” The Daily Trojan published a piece today about lifehacking in college, something that we claim to know a lot about.

One of the best websites for making college life easier and more enjoyable is the aforementioned Created by Lesinski and Kelly Sutton, two Loyola Marymount University students (the duo now teaches a class on web video distribution there), the site features tips and reviews on things ranging from finding the best espresso machine for the lowest cost or “10 ways to find a lost Word document.”

I suppose I can forgive the fact that the Daily Trojan is a USC publication. (Grrrrr.)

How to lifehack your way through college, by Nicholas Slayton [The Daily Trojan]

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