Image via Flickr user: kamath_lnThere comes a time in nearly every college student’s life to stretch their culinary wings, and fly away to a place where there is no cafeterias. Here are some small (and cheap) tools to help you get settled after you come in for a landing. (I apologize for the terrible metaphor)

Rice Cooker

Rice  has two qualities that are hard to find together, at least when it comes to food.  It’s cheap and healthy.  Unfortunately, to cook it you need a stove. Even if you have stove it’s still hard to cook. There is a solution that solves both of the aforementioned problems.

Rice cookers are cheap (I got mine for under $20.00) and cooking the rice becomes extremely simple.  All you have to do is put the rice, with water into the pot, put the lid on and flip the switch.  I’ll you have to do is wait and then stir. 

There’s a bonus! Because of the way the rice is cooked (via steam) the little appliance that could is also a steamer. So, if you’re trying to stay healthy just drop some vegetable (also cheap) and some chicken and you get a solid meal in one pot. 

One Cup Coffee Maker

As you may know, we love coffee here at HackCollege. Unfortunately, my roommates are big drinkers. Fortunately, I found this great one cup coffee make a little over a year ago. We have been best pals since.

It takes regular coffee, so there aren’t any packets to buy. You also don’t have to buy any filters because the filter inside is completely reusable. It hasn’t failed me year. 

This contraption is also good for tea drinker because it just pours out the hot water and into the cup with you teabag, soaking the leaves nicely as it drips. 

Water Filter

Sadly, tap water standards have dropped in recent years. The water fountains in the halls of our dorms don’t spew Fiji water and bottle water in general is just a waste, for your wallet for the environment and for the space in your room. 

Water Filters are so–as Amir from College Humor would say–ace. There are two options. If you have an apartment with a tap, the sink version is probably the way to go. It’ll save you some fridge space. If you are still living in a dorm then you’ll have to forfeit some of the mini-fridge real estate for pitcher. 

What tools do you use to make the whole sustenance and energy thing easier? Comment below to share!