Hello! It’s been a slow week or two because of the plague. Okay, I had the flu and the rest of us were busy. We’re getting back on the horse with our annual Internship Week. Isn’t it like so far away before summer? you ask. Correct you are. But if you want an internship this summer, you’ve got to start working now.

We are not the only ones out there that cover the topic of summer internships. There are others out there, like Lauren Berger (the Intern Queen), that dedicate far more resources to the topic of summer internships. I think there are two areas of getting an internship: the boilerplate stuff and those things that will set you apart. We will be covering the more unconventional stuff in getting an internship, but you still shouldn’t get yourself involved without a clue. We like to think of ourselves as pretty well-versed in the subject and have had some kickass internships in our day. Lesinski and I interned for the Internet TV company Revision3 during the summer of 2008. Last summer, I interned for blip.tv. These internships were our first choices and both are awesome companies to work for.

So tune in next week to have HackCollege help you zero in on your summer employment plans and hopefully help you make a few bucks, too.