I don’t know if you’ve seen, but Discuss Campus is explodifying. Maybe it’s because we’ve decided to giveaway a Dell Mini 10 to the first user to reach 5,000 reputation points? Or maybe it’s just because the site is a great place to get some answers for your student-related questions?

So that got us to thinking, why don’t we give away more stuff? As of today, we’re going to start a running list of stuff to win on Discuss Campus. I’m adding two things to the list this afternoon: an Onyx Boox 60 eReader and a 2 Gb Intel Spacesuit Thumbdrive Dude. The eReader goes to the first person to reach 2,500 reputation points and the thumbdrive goes to the first person to reach 500 reputation points. But we can’t have one person winning all of the prizes, so once you reach a threshold you can choose to accept the prize or keep going. For now, you can only collect one reward from Discuss Campus. We want to encourage everyone to participate fully, not just one person.

Here are this week’s best questions:

Ways to avoid activists on-campus?

You are walking to class on a beautiful day. The sun is shining, birds are singing, freshmen are wandering around lost… Then you see them. The activist with his/her clipboard waiting at the bottleneck in the path to get you to sign or donate or listen about saving whatsits or legalizing something or accepting someone…

I mean, activism is great. Young people need to care about something and the dedication these people have is truly admirable. However, when I’m headed to class or anywhere, I don’t like being stopped to be forced to sign something. Sometimes signing your name can be a whole lot more dangerous than saving the whales.

What are good ways to get away from these people?

How can I stay awake during lectures?

Do you guys have any tips on staying awake during long, boring lectures?

What qualities make a good RA?

So my roomie decided to move into a sorority house, so I’m floating in the uncertainty of where to live next year. Having lived and worked in the residence halls for two years, I think becoming a resident advisor is my best option for my 4th (and final) year of school.

For the people on this site who either a.) lived on campus with an RA or b.) worked as an RA, what qualities are vital to be a successful RA?

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