After a long time. We are back with some video content for your utmost enjoyment. You read correctly, friends. Season 4 will be characterized by shorter, more intense episodes. Just like your college love life. (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Kelly Sutton and Chris Lesinski deliver you all of the latest and greatest student-specific news. We’ve been busy. Chris graduated last May and went to work for tosh.0 on Comedy Central. Kelly is still in school. He moved to Berlin last summer and got rid of everything he owned. Chris and Kelly are currently teaching a class on Web video at LMU. More about that in the coming weeks. Oh, and Scott Rowan, you ask? He was on the Ellen Show on Monday doing some magic.

If you haven’t noticed in your Gmail inbox, Google rolled out their newest service: Google Buzz. What’s it got to do with students? We’re not quite sure. Let us know what you think in the comments. Apple has also been busy. They recently announced their iPad. We weighed in a post of our own. Barack Obama also announced in his State of the Union address that he’ll be focusing on student loans in the future. “No one should go broke because they chose to go to college,” Obama said.

This week is Internship Week at HackCollege. If you want a summer internship, you need to start getting your ducks in line now. Peruse our posts and get going. We also mention our new site, Discuss Campus, but you already knew about that.

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