Oh boy! I am giddy. A clip from the Fox News show Fox and Friends unveiled a new study claiming that college “turns you liberal.” Oh no! It’s the plague! While we don’t discuss sex, politics and religion too much on HackCollege, you can probably take a guess as to which way we lean. This video is insulting to the entire higher education system, no matter how flawed it may be.

What starts off as a seemingly alarming statistic (that one third of college students can’t name the three branches of the federal government), this clip quickly descends into bullshit. As my roommate Paul puts it, “Fox News proposes that we diversify universities’ ideas, while blatantly outlawing one method of thought.”

The video is punctuated by quotes such as “What is the answer? How do we fix this?”; “If degrees are more likely to make people support same sex marriage, how do you fix this?” and “Is it better to not go to college at all?” This video seems to be the result of a crunched deadline and a not-too-well-thought-out spin put on things. Usually, even Fox News has more tact than this.

I suppose the only answer now is to drop out to save our “values.”

What do you think?