With the recent boom of FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and as Gary Vaynerchuk puts it, “The Internet as a platform,” your web presence has become more important than ever. Now that business cards have gone digital (or obsolete in my opinion) and networking has been replaced with 140 character messages, the wayImage courtesy of Flickr user Socialisbetter jobs are sought out and obtained has changed dramatically compared to 5 years ago. But what about traditional resumes? Have they become irrelevant? How do you present your experience, skills and accomplishments in the 2.0 world?

LinkedIn – Your Digital Resume

LinkedIn is part digital resume, part social networking site with the goal of connecting with colleagues and potential employers. Upon completion of your profile you’ve essentially created a digital resume with the option of making certain parts public to other users. LinkedIn is perfect for staying connected with co-workers in a semi-professional environment, allowing you to call upon them for references, recommendations or other similar favors. LinkedIn is the future of resumes, make an effort to keep your profile up to date because you never know who will be looking up your profile.

Traditional Resume

Maintaining a well written and up to date resume is important for employers who still go about things the old way. Visit the career office at your campus, most offer free resume tuning. When submitting a resume be sure to attach a cover letter with your resume, without one your application will likely be thrown in the trash without being read. 


Content based jobs are in season, so it’s a good idea to keep a collection of your best work handy to show potential employers. If you’re writer or a blogger it’s easy to keep a collection of your best posts, likewise for web design and programming works. Don’t forget those school projects you rocked, they’re fair game too. Check out Chris’s for a solid example.

Bottom line, If you want to prove you’re the most qualified for a job, it’s best to have a solid resume and a strong command of the social web. Don’t hesitate to network and get your name out there, every little bit helps. 

Good luck in your hunt for internships and summer jobs. Post any tips in the comments.