Standing out; you’re doing it right. Photo by Flickr User: Amrit… Licensced Under CC 2.0For summer interships, jobs and research oppourtunities, spring is application and interview season. And now that you have a personal brand and resume set up you’ll probably score a few interviews with your desired employers.

In this day and age it’s a huge accomplishment to even get one interview, you should be prepared for whatever they try to throw your way. Group interviews are a different type of interview than most people are used to. Here are a few pointers in case you aren’t caught off guard.

Being prepared is doubly important for group interviews because, it will not only look good to potential employers, it’ll keep you calm in a more social (nerve racking) setting.

It’s also important to note that while the other applicants and you are competing for a small number of spot, don’t make it a competition. When you are answering questions have a tone that sets you apart but don’t stomp on the other candidates, especially if you think that you are more qualified.

Another dynamic to group interviews is what qualities interviewers are looking to bring out with this style. The main one is leadership. If you are asked to do any activities in your interview, like team building exercises try to be the leader of the group. But, like I said before, don’t stomp on other people in order to get to the top. You don’t want the interviewers focusing more on how you became the leader and not your actual leadership abilities.

 Have you ever been in a group interview? What did you think? Comment below to share!