We are continuing to add more rewards to the list over at Discuss Campus. We just added laptop skins for the first 10 people that reach 1,000 reputation points. Best of all, collecting these rewards do not disqualify you for the others. Sweet!

Here are this week’s best questions:

What are your favorite time-wasters?

I understand that we college students need to engage in efficientproductivepro-active activities in order to not live in a box in our later years.

However, I am also part of the school of thought that everyone needs some down-time. My roommate finds herself on Tetris when she needs a mental break while I enjoy the occasional clip from Viral Video Film School.

For those of us who aren’t robots and need a break, what do you do?

What’s in your first aid/getting sick kit?

Do you have a first aid kit in your apartment/dorm? What stuff do you keep on hand in case you get sick? Anything unexpectedly useful?

How many computers do I need for college life?

Basically I’m going to college next year for the first time, and I own a desktop computer, i.e., the Dell XPS 720. Let’s just say it’s about the same area of a mini-fridge, and twice as heavy. It’s aptly named “Bubba”, and plays just about anything.

Anyways, I hope to take this bad boy to college next year, but I also am getting a laptop for in class notes. Since I got a really healthy college tuition break, I hope to get a really nice one, i.e., the 15″ Alienware M15x.

Without going much further, should I bring both? …

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