Trying to turn that internship into a real job come graduation? This is just one of many tips in our Internship-to-Job Series.

If you want to work full-time where you intern, sometimes, all you need to do is make sure that everyone in the office knows – in fact, spreading the word is the key to entering most job markets. You need a lot of people looking for jobs for you. You need people on your side. The people you work with at an internship aren’t thinking about you unless you give them a reason to. And people in other departments probably don’t even you’re an intern.

There are two ways to making sure co-workers know you’re on the job hunt:

For low-level co-workers – your “pals” – it’s okay to straight-up ask them to keep a look out for work, and to spread the word among their peers.

For upper-level co-workers and people you don’t know, it’s a little more difficult. You need to implicitly ask for a job. Blatantly asking a high-level VP or a boss for a job will seem needy and desperate. Instead, you want to use your internship as access for an “informational interview” – you can Google that, if you’re not sure what it is. Basically, you’re going to schedule a meeting with them to “ask for career advice.” You can schedule that sort of thing through an introduction at the company or even by a cold email.

When it comes time for the chat, let them connect the dots. Someone who is about to graduate and is asking for career advice clearly needs job. They’ll take note. Also, make sure they know you love working at their company.

By spreading the word where you work, you might get job offers before they’re even listed. It can also open up oppurtunities elsewhere.