After a rough night, Chris is back this week with some interesting stories. A quick thanks to everyone who shared last week’s episode. It was one of the most-watched HackCollege episodes of all time! Thanks for sharing it around!

This week, we caught wind of a Harvard law student who filed a class action lawsuit against Google over Google Buzz, citing privacy concerns. Eva Hibnick, the law student, is quoted as saying, “I feel like they did something wrong. They opted me into this social network and I didn’t want it.”

We’ve also got two Facebook-related stories this week. Facebook put up a cute Valentine’s Day post on their blog reminding us that not everyone will die alone. In other Facebook news, this pickle is officially more popular than the (excuse of a) band Nickelback.

If you missed it, we posted a video from Fox News that discussed college and political views. What ensued was some serious commenting. We highlight some of our favorite comments.

We also announced a new laptop skin giveaway for the first 10 people to reach 1,000 points on Discuss Campus! Add those to our growing list of rewards.

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