You can recover from this! Image via Flickr User oooh.oooh. Licensed under CC 2.0Spring Break is upon us and for the lucky ones, that means trips to warmer climates and indulging in lots of cervesas. Trying to drink for a week straight at any time during the year is a bad idea. Most people tend to do it now, so here are some tips to help your alcoholic endurance.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

I know I’m beating a dead horse, but it’s really important that you supplement any alcohol abuse with some water abuse. If you are going to Mexico, you will need to stock up on some bottled water upon arriving at your hotel/resort/shack.

When you’re not drinking, only drink water. This will not only save you money on checks at restaurants but it will prepare your body for battle later that night.

Get Decent Stuff and Pace

Time doesn’t matter when you’re in Cabo, Cancun, Daytona or Panama City. You can drink all day and keep a good buzz, because it’s not like you have to go to work or anything. The idea isn’t to binge. The idea is to feel like you can talk to that girl or guy on the other side of the bar. So, go top shelf half as much as you would for well drinks, and you’ll be happy.

Hangover Cure

Heh, there really isn’t one. There are three items I like to buy from my local convenience after a rough night. Numero uno, is a breakfast sandwich. The greasier it is, the better. Numero dos, if I have to do anything that day I purchase a sugar-free Red Bull. In your case, it will probably be more drinking. Third, I get a huge bottle of water to slowly sip at throughout the day. This tends to be my refresh button when after most nights.

Don’t Hold Back A Yack

It’s going to get real here for a few sentences. If you feel something isn’t right in your stomach after waking up, don’t try and hold it back. Your body is saying, “Hey, dumbass, all this booze isn’t supposed to be here, I need to get rid of it.”

What are you doing this spring break? Comment below to share! Let me know if these tips work through Twitter.