Just because you’re planning on laying low for Spring Break, doesn’t mean your week has to be a total bore. There’s tons of cool things you can do with a weeks time and very little money. To be honest, I don’t have the time or patience to write a list of 100 things, so here’s my top 3 list of sweet things you can do over Spring BreakQuincy hut my room mates and I made over Spring Break without flying to Daytona. 

Road Trip

A few of my friends took on the challenge of driving as far South as possible in 3 days before turning around last year. When they first told me their idea, I thought they were crazy. I mean, it’s dumb right? 5 people, 1 minivan, no clear destination… Turns out they had the time of their lives. I’m from Toronto, that place with the igloos and what not, so South was the most desired destination. Ultimately, the rules are up to you. Don’t be afraid of the uncertainty of where you’re going, things will work themselves out in the end.


  • Mom’s minivan
  • Cash
  • Several cheesy mix tapes (Backstreet Boys is a must)
  • Camera
  • Parka
  • Swimsuit
  • A sense of adventure

Ridiculous Project

Later this week Kelly will be showing you a pretty awesome DIY project, Spring Break is the perfect time to take on a ridiculous project that you would otherwise never have the time or motivation to complete. Ridiculous projects can be anything; igloo construction, hilarious video for YouTube, DIY kegerator. But they don’t need to be so ridiculous either, what about making a push to learn a programming language in 7 days? Okay, maybe that last one wasn’t so cool. You get the idea though, choose something you’ve been dreaming of making and get’r done. 

5 Days of Events

In the days leading up to Spring Break, brainstorm with some buddies 5-7 awesome day trips you’d like to go on. The details are up to you, but if you leave your decision making until the day of, chances are your friends will already have made plans and 3-4 days will have gone by before you’ve even left the house. This year, my schedule looked like this (Canadian “reading week” was 2 weeks ago):

Monday: Photography at Niagara Falls with friend

Tuesday: 24 challenge (2 beers per hour for 12 hours with my 10 high school classmates)

Wednesday: Skiing with little brother at local ski hill

Thursday: Museum viewing and shopping downtown with friend

Friday: Hiking and photography with friend

By setting up these days well in advance, I was able to co-ordinate a week packed full of fun things and I didn’t break the bank.

Whatever you decide to do this Spring Break, whether it be a wild beach party or week full of long drives and crazy adventures, make the the most of it. We all go back to grind afterwards…