First thing I have to do here… I have to admit that I have a subscription to Cosmopolitan. Okay. Onward.

So, I was reading the October issue and I came across a little thing blurb: “Drink for Free” — I know what you’re thinking because that’s what I was thinking, too. Gee, Cosmo, you think I should go to the bar, pull off my skirt and put my hands down some guy’s pants?! You got a slutty one-liner to accompany that?! 

But Cosmo actually owned this one by presenting us with a hack — more like a scam — actually, more like a con — actually, more like stealing. Whatever. Here’s what they had to say:

Find [a half-empty beer] in a brown bottle — like Budweiser — and sneak into the bathroom. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with lukewarm water and saunter back to the bar. Tell the overworked bartender that the beer you got was warm … and ask for another.

Oh, how devilish! Of course, this is only going to work at a nuts-o bar where there’s like sixteen bartenders and total chaos because people are puking everywhere.

You know that bar. You’ve been there. I don’t care what town you’re in this month. That’s a spring break bar.

Image courtesy of acnatta