Making you smell good is just the beginning. Photo by Flickr user admiller licensed under CC BY 2.0 If you prefer your clothes to smell nice and feel soft, then odds are you have a box of dryer sheets sitting around.  They are plentiful, cheap, and have a lot of surprising uses outside of the laundry room. 

Insect Repellant

You can rub yourself down with a dryer sheet, or just keep them nearby if you’re going to lounge outside for a prolonged period.  You could use this in combination with Hackcollege’s tanning tips.

Air Freshener

Stick them in your car, at the bottom of your trashcans, in your drawers. Dryer sheets can make just about anything smell good.  Especially useful if you’re bringing that special someone back to your dorm.  On that note, hide one in your pillow case and thank me later.

Cleaning Agent

If you’ve designated yourself the neat freak of the dorm room, a few dryer sheets can make your job easier. Dust on your TV and soap scum in the shower are no match for them.

Hair Clinger

Cutting your own hair to save beer money, but hate that noise your roommate makes when they see the remains on the bathroom floor?  The leftover hair will cling to a dryer sheet, making cleanup a breeze.  If you really like the smell I suppose you could rub the hair that’s still on your head too. 

Static Discharger

Anybody who’s ever tinkered with the internals of a computer before know that you want your body to be free of static electricity.  If you’re adding more RAM or popping in a new hard drive, rubbing your hands on a dryer sheet is a lot cheaper than buying a pair of anti-static gloves.

Shoe Deodorizer

My personal favorite.  Nothing can make a whole room smell quite like old shoes.  If you’re not going to throw them out, do everybody a favor and put dryer sheets in the toes.

Have any other great uses for dryer sheets? Let us know in the comments.