You best be excited about this one. When the iPad was first released, we gave you our opinion on what this “revolutionary” device was going to mean to students. Just a few days ago Tipirneni Software released a YouTube video demoing their first application for the iPad, PadNotes. This is the app I’ve been dreaming about. Sure, it still needs to be approved by Apple for sale in the App Store, but the ability to type and draw on top of PDF formatted lecture slides is just awesome. Until we give PadNotes a go on a real iPad it’s impossible to say if this is going to live up to the hype, and no doubt in 2-6 months there is going to be 100 copy cat applications in the store with smoother and more natural interactivity. But I digress, PadNotes is paving the way for lecture recording on the iPad. Have a look.

[Video from 9to5Mac]