Like this, also found in paper form. Photo via Flickr user misterbisson. Licensed via CC V2.0Universities tend to vary how often then put out a newspaper, but they all share the same purpose. There’s the Daily Pennsylvanian, out of the University of (you guessed it) Pennsylvania, come out daily and there’s my school’s  paper, The Quad, which is out once a week. Regardless of how often they publish, they’re there to keep you abreast of critical and not-so-critical information about what’s going on at your school. 

The reason I’m writing this post is, at least at my school students don’t read the newspaper. It’s really unfortunate because there are a lot of good people who put in hard work to put out an awesome product. So, without further adieu, here are some reasons you should be reading your schools newspaper. 


Odds are you’ll see fliers for Career Fairs, Concerts, Club Meetings and everything else within the confines of your campus on bulletin boards, mailboxes and emails. The newspaper will make you sit down and look at the ads organizations take out to promote events, but there are probably articles about that give a better background on things you might like to do. 


Some schools use the newspaper as an avenue to put out important financial information like budgets, plans for renovations and the like. Reading the newspaper is a good way to stay abreast of how your money is being spent, whether by the student government or by the university itself. 


This one is sort of shaky, but I’m going to talk about it anyway. When you are on a coffee date with a potential girlfriend/boyfriend, you could talk about what you read in the newspaper that day or week. If they have heard about it, then they will have some intelligent to add to the conversation and if not, you could just fill up the void in conversation by explaining to him or her what the event/situation/plan is for your campus. 

Student Deals

Lastly, local businesses tend to take out ads in school newspapers. In these ads, there tend to be deals. Deals tend to help save you money. This is nice. It could be $10 off a hair cut on Tuesdays or a special combo deal on pizza and wings only available in the paper. It’s like when your mom clipped coupons, except your doing it with your money. Solid.

Does your campus read the school newspaper? Do you? Comment below to share your thoughts!