Coffee, RedBull, Monster… the pre-med’s study fuel. Unfortunately these caffeine dense, sugar loaded energy drinks typically give you a high spike in energy followed by a strong crash and a case of the jitters. Not to mention a hole in your wallet. Why not fill up your water bottle with an inexpensive home made concoction which will give you with a steady stream of energy over the course of the whole day. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s recipe time!

HackCollege Study Fuel


  • 2L of cold water
  • 4 teabags green tea or 4 scoops loose leaf tea
  • 2-4 tbsp of sugar
  • 1 dose of Liquid Vitamin B Complex 


  1. Infuse water and green to taste and strength. I prefer a strong tea and will often let my tea infuse between 4-6 hours. Hot water is not used to ensure that tannins aren’t released from the tea. Tannins are the same molecules that give wine drinkers headaches.
  2. Strain tea to remove all leaves.
  3. Add sugar to taste. The sugar is optional but depending on how sensitive you are to carbohydrates this sugar can provide a solid pick me up while you’re hitting the books.
  4. Add dose of Liquid Vitamin B Complex. B vitamins are used in almost every function in the body and are essential in energy production. I usually drink 2L of study fuel over 2 days, so I add 2 doses when preparing.
  5. Stir and chill.
  6.  Enjoy.

HackCollege Study Fuel may not be as tasty as that Rockstar energy drink, but at least you’ll have money for the bar at the end of the week!