Looks like Shep will just have to deal on Thursday night at 10.The hardest thing about college isn’t writing papers or passing your tests…it’s organizing your friends and classmates and getting a group on the same page.  Call it apathy. Call it packed schedules.  Call it whatever you want, but trying to organize a group of more than three or four people in college can make you pull your hair out.  Anybody who’s ever had a group project with people you don’t know outside of class knows what I’m talking about.  Luckily, Doodle is here to help you find the time slot that works best for everybody.


Just head to Doodle.com to get started with your free account.  Let’s say you have a group project coming up soon, and you need to get your group together in the library to work on it.  All you need to do is create a new event, and list all of the times that you could meet with the group.  Once your poll is set up, Doodle will generate a web link for you to sned out to your classmates.  All of the recipients then just enter their names (no registration required!) and specify whether they are available, unavailable, or could make it in an emergency for each time slot.  Before long, you should have a good sense of what time will work best for your group, and you can set about scheduling a meeting time.  You’ll still be responsible for actually getting everybody to show up, but having this almost-too-easy scheduling system should help keep the freeloaders accountable.

You don’t need to limit Doodle to just group projects either.  It would be great for setting up a group outing with your friends, scheduling IM sports practices, planning a small party… you get the idea.

Have any other cool uses for Doodle?  How do you organize groups of friends and classmates in college?  Let us know in the comments.