Study, study, study. People on the quarter system: done with finals yet? Photo by flickr user xb3 and licensed under CC BY 2.0.

We are back from South by Southwest and slowly recovering. (If you want my recap, you can read my post on my personal blog.) Just because we were in Austin for the week didn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of action over at Discuss Campus. Here are this week’s best questions.

Easy lunches that can be made in a dorm

Next quarter, my roommate and I both have classes that go straight through lunch. We don’t have time to go to the dining commons or buy food on campus. What are some easy lunches that can be made in a dorm room? We only have a microwave and a mini fridge. It has to be something we can throw in our backpack and eat cold.

Mac/Web application for taking econ notes

What’s a good app to take economics notes in?

For some reason my professor insists on making everything in every class relate to T-Accounts and there just is no easy way to handle that in evernote which is my notetaking application of choice.

I really dislike using pen and paper since I can type faster then the professor speaks on my laptop.. (Kinda nice way of slacking off btw, just type every word spoken and read it later)

What are some good student-centric conferences?

I just got back from SXSW (which was amazing). It’s not a student-centric conference, but it’s fun nonetheless. That got me thinking, what student conferences are out there?

Have a good weekend!