Image via Congress.orgWith the vote on the recent Health Care Reform coming and passing, you may have been provoked to become more politically aware, whether it was by subscribing to a few more news feeds or emailing your congressman (or congresswoman). There’s another (extremely efficient) to become more aware of what the people who represent you are voting for.

There’s a service call MegaVote and it’s run by It’s pretty freakin’ awesome. Each week you get an update as to what your congressperson or senator is voting on for that given week. It’s also cool how you can adjust what issues are arriving at your inbox. For instance if you have a fetish for education policy then set it to that (and see a psychologist). The votes on agriculture will never pop up.

Another good thing about MegaVote is that it shows you the votes that have already been cast, as well as the votes that are going to be cast. During the week you can read up on how your representative stands on the issue and call/email them as to how you feel. That’s technology helping democracy!

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