Over this last winter break, I flew for the first time since 1999. I might as well never have flown because of all the rule changes due to the September 11th attacks and what have you. Going through what I thought was going to happen, and what actually did happen I learned a few things. 

Bring Food, Not Drink

Another con is waiting for your luggage. Image via Flickr user UggBoy licensed via CC V2.0. Wanting to be as frugal as possible where I could on this trip, I decided to bring my own breakfast to eat before my flight. My breakfast sandwich and hashbrowns were alright to go through, but the drink I had, not so much. What ensued was a chug worthy of one of our “shotgunning a beer” videos. Save yourself a stomachache, some time and money by bringing your own food, and only food. 

Six of one, Half Dozen of Another

Luggage is sort of tricky because on one hand, you are wasting money on paying someone to carry your things (that that they might lose) and other you’re wasting money getting products that fit the TSA’s requirements. My advice is to try and predict what you’ll be bring home with you. For instance, if you want to bring back some Tequila from Mexico you’re going to have to pay for luggage anyway so it might be easier for you to bite the bullet on the way there and pay for your on stuff. On the plus side you will be able to bring your own toothpaste and junk. 

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