While I may be on spring break, I’m aware that those of us on the semester system have a mere 4 weeks of class left before summer. For the graduating seniors, there are probably many outstanding questions to be answered. A big one is: “What am I doing after graduation?” Another one is, “Will I have to move home?” My post-grad plans are solidified by now, but we’ve received some advice by the way of Her Campus, the female-version of HackCollege (maybe?).

Some girls gravitate back towards home out of convenience. Others make the move in order to save money. Could moving back work for you? To help you figure it out, postgraduates and college seniors shared with [Her Campus] some pros and cons of moving home.

While I know that most of the readers of HackCollege are dudes, the advice put forth by this article reaches across the gender divide. Maybe we should organize some sort of soirée between the two sites. Ladies? In the meantime, take a read. 

Home Sweet Home: The Pros and Cons of Moving Home After Graduation [Her Campus]