Last Friday I was sitting through an uneventful symposium at LMU and decided to create a Web app out of my online business card. I had set up a Web page so that a user could click on links and those links would dial up the correct application. After showing it to a few people, it was obvious that more people wanted one than just me. So what did I do? I built it out into an app.

The name of the app is called Hey, Check Out My New Business Card! or HCOMNBC for short. With it, you can create your very own little nifty business card to hand out to your friends. I find it much easier to use than Bump. It’s pretty nifty to be able to hand out a URL that’s more functional than both a native app and a physical business card. Don’t worry, vCard functionality is coming soon. The name comes from an old Revision3 video that Lesinski and I did with a few other awesome folks in San Francisco. Chris improv’d the line and I’ve been laughing ever since.

You can see a John Smith demo, if you’d like.

If you’ve got any feedback, shoot me an email!