Which is cooler, Tessa or the laptop skin?

Woah, has it really been another week? We handed out our first laptop skin to Tessa St. Marie this week for reaching 1,000 reputation points! Awesometown. Here are this week’s questions.

Keeping up with your to-do list

I never have problems keeping up with my assignments, but I frequently find that the mini-goals I set for myself fall by the wayside. For example, I long ago put in my to-do list that I should update all of my passwords in order to make them more secure, but it has long since been buried under tons of entries in my to-do list.

What are some strategies for keeping up with these “non-essential” to-dos? What can I do to catch up?

How do you obtain and listen to music?

It seems like we’re living more and more in a post-radio society, and I’m wondering how other people find music they like and play it. MP3s from friends, internet radio, podcasts, online streaming, buying physical CDs, downloading mixtapes, watching Glee over and over again on Hulu, finding the most listened songs on Hypem– there’s a lot of options out there.

What’s the combination that works for you? Who are the tastemakers in your community? Does your city/school have an accessible music scene, and if it does, how do you get into it?

What are the alternatives to P2P sharing on campus?

If I am not a super-heavy user of pirating software, but I don’t really want to pay for everything I listen to to/watch/play (on occasion), what are my alternatives that will not be strictly against the bandwidth traffic code [above] of my school?

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