Don’t get me wrong, higher education isn’t cheap, but if you’re reading this post on a shiny new i5 MacBookImage courtesy of Vitanna Pro then perhaps you should take a step back and consider those around you the world who aren’t as fortunate. As much as you and I both hate student loans, they do enable us to get an education so that one-day we may support ourselves. However, in many countries, student loans programs don’t exist. Vittana, a microfinance organization aims to solve this.

“The Vittana community is enabling students around the world to get access to higher education for the first time. When you make a loan to a Vittana student, 100% of your funds go to the student. Using your loan, the student finishes college (or vocational school), gets a degree and then gets a job. When the student repays Vittana, Vittana repays you the full amount of your loan — if you lent $25, you are repaid $25.”

I encourage you to head of over to and consider making a small loan to help a fellow student. There’s no question you’d help out a starving roommate, why not a peer eager to learn?