This class is bound to have some goners. Image via Flickr User bigarnex. Licensed under CC v2.0.Okay, back in high school I remember my English teach showing us a clip of Andy Rooney talking about his view of the future. It was a planet that was constantly lit and people working in shifts because of over population.

After reading a post at the Huffington Post’s college site, I can tell you that that day is closer than you may think. A Maryland community college, Anne Arundel Community College has a new class for its students to register for. The class starts at midnight and goes to three in morning. Here’s the link:

Md. College To Offer Midnight Psychology Class

In a way this is good. It’s giving students who are night owls chance to truly grow to their full potential. If Anne Arundel has a plethora of them and this pilot program is a success look forward to a bunch of midnight classes and the fulfillment of the prophet Andy Rooney’s prediction.

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