Hmmmm… Ballin’ chair from the 70′s? Yes! Image courtesy of Flickr user cjerz licensed under CC BY 2.0Reader Dennis G. sent in this awesome tip to save money on used goods your university no longer needs. Most campuses hold surplus sales to clear out old furniture and supplies no longer in use. If you keep a keen eye you should have no problem picking up a sturdy desk and chair for no more than a night at the bar. To give you an idea of the kinds of things that are typically sold, here’s a list from my school, the University of Waterloo: 

dividers, shelving, lounge chairs, coffee tables, map cabinets, filing cabinets, tables, computer desks, cabinet, HP laser jet printer 9000DN, P-4 computers, cyklop banding machine, G-4, Sartorius balance, fridge, chairs, snow shovels, ELU router, Sentry safe

Another bargain opportunity on campus to look out for is unclaimed bike auctions. Campus police will auction off bicycles that go unclaimed on campus after several semesters.

Do some poking around and be sure to read those poorly designed ads on the bulletin boards around campus, you never know what kind of deals you’ll come across.

Know of any bargain hunting tips on campus? Post them in the comments section below.