You don’t need to be a Math major to figure out that laptop alcohol = trouble. I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of people I know that have had to replace their shiny new MacBooks because Frat Boy Frank got a little clumsy with his Natty Light. Is this post a life hack? No, it’s a warning. 

Don’t Drink and Use Your Laptop.

But Luke, how am I going blast music at my dorm room jam this Friday?”

The Basket Weaving Major’s Solution: Cover your laptop in plastic wrap. (Please don’t actually do this, the list of ways this could go wrong is endless.)

The English Major’s Solution: Load up a sweet playlist onto your iPod and plug into speakers. Simple and safe.

The Computer Science Major’s Solution: Plug speakers into an AirPort Express and put laptop in Clamshell Mode, control iTunes using Apple’s Remote app for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Don’t be fooled, this is super easy to set up. Also, You don’t need to get up to change a song and speakers can be placed high and out of harms way. This works with both Macs and a PCs.

Regardless of the solution you choose to follow, please put your laptop away while you’re drinking. Laptops are expensive, you probably can’t afford two. Happy partying!