The college lifestyle is one of fun, excitement, and unfortunately, stress. Maintaining a regular bed time can be extremely difficult when all nighters and crazy parties take jabs at your internal clock. Here’s two great pieces of software to help you fall asleep at night. 

F.Lux is a free application that runs in the background on your PC or Mac which changes the color temperature of your display in relation to the time of day and type of lighting in the room you are working in. The theory behind altering your display’s color temperature is the fact that a bright computer screen late at night simulates the sun and engages your nervous system. The developer’s site lists some journal articles which explain the theory,”…we surmise that the effect of color temperature is greater than that of illuminance in an ordinary residential bedroom or similar environment where a lowering of physiological activity is desirable.” At night the orangey tone can be a little annoying, but F.lux definitely helps if you are intent on using your computer later at night. (Thanks to Tynan for bringing this piece of software to my attention. Check out his website, he’s easily one of the most interesting people on the internet.)

Pzizz is an application which generates unique audio tracks to help you fall asleep. It uses a combination of Neural Linguistic Programing (NLP) and Binaural Beats to comfortably ease you into sleep. Pzizz is available on the PC, Mac and iOS operating systems. You have the option of purchasing two different “modules”, the Energizer module intended for short power naps and the Sleep module for falling asleep at night. From my experience both modules are fantastic and let you tinker with a large number settings (length, volume, type of sounds) to produce the perfect insomnia busting soundtrack. If you are having troubles falling asleep, Pzizz is the perfect drug free solution. Students are eligible for a 75% discount, knocking the price per desktop module to $10. The iOS editions are priced accordingly with a “lite” option for those who are skeptical. 

If it’s 3:00 AM and your laying awake, give F.Lux and Pzizz a try. You may actually make it to your early morning class for once.