Photo by flickr user Constance Wiebrands and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0After purchasing my first fountain pen (Orange Lamy Safari), I needed an excuse to carry it around. So naturally, I began carrying a small Moleskine notepad in my back pocket. All very pretentious, I know. What began as an excuse to write turned into a fantastic organizational tool. Although my iPhone and Omnifocus handle the bulk of my data acquisition tasks on the go, the always accessible notepad allowed me to capture more complete ideas. Some examples include rough sketches, impromptu work such as blog posts and that perfect thesis for a philosophy essay. I also pull out my notebook for quick notes when a cell phone may not be appropriate. Although the barriers are eroding, I still find it rude to take notes on your cell phone when you are speaking with a professor or colleague. Cal Newport suggests carrying a piece of paper for daily planning and for marking down any information that may need your attention at a later time. At the end of the day, the way you choose to capture information is up to you. I do suggest giving the small notebook a trial for a week or two, you’ll be amazed by the convenience and the interesting scenarios when your cell phone simply won’t do. As technology advances, we sometimes take for granted the analog methods we used to rely on. Newer isn’t always better.