We recently put out a call for some new writers, and the applications we got confirmed our suspicion that HackCollege has an incredibly intelligent and talented audience.  There wasn’t a bad application in the bunch, and we couldn’t be happier with the team we’ve put together for the upcoming school year.  

Emily Chapman

Emily comes to us from Oxford College at Emory University in Atlanta, and expects to graduate in 2013.  She has an enthusiasm for getting the most out of old-school tech (as you can see in her first post), and is a frequent commenter on Jezebel and Lifehacker.  She’s also an RA, so she should have no trouble keeping the rest of the team in line.  You can email her at [email protected] or find her on Twitter.


Laura Schluckebier

Laura (whose last name means “drinker of beer” in German) is a junior at Trinity University in San Antonio where she double majors in Communication and Classical Studies.  Her passion for TV has landed her a job as a producer for “Studio 21″ at the school’s in-house TV station, and her life’s ambition is to meet Joss Whedon. Feel free to shoot her an email at [email protected].



Sean Quinn

Interestingly enough, Sean is still over a month away from starting his freshman year at the University of Florida, so I guess that makes him our pledge. He likes sports, reading, and Apple products, and was the VP of Marketing and PR at Teens in Tech while in high school.  You can reach our young wunderkind at [email protected], or on his Twitter profile.


We’re expecting big things out of this new crop of writers, so be on the lookout for their posts.