One small step for student. One giant leap for freedom. Photo courtesy of Flickr user dvortygirl. Licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0.I’m hardly an expert on packing for college. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. If it’s a weekend trip or quick getaway, I’ve got it covered. Weeklong endeavors with the family? No sweat. But living on your own is a daunting endeavor. Thankfully, the weeks-long process and otherwise inevitable arguments with parents can be avoided. Enter What To Take To College.

Now, the site didn’t exactly the get the Web 2.0 naming memo like Twitter or Tumblr, but its interface embodies the principles of simplicity and smart design that has becoming the new meme in web design. It tells incoming students what is “recommended” and what is “optional”, breaks those items into categories like “School Supplies” and “Hygiene and Beauty”, and provides links to Amazon for those items – be it a laptop or a desk lamp (And this is a good time as ever to use Amazon – check out Mike’s post on Amazon Student for more details).

What To Take To College is all-inclusive. Frankly, it’s probably a bit excessive in some areas and completely lacking in others. For example, I see no logical reason to bring your high school yearbook (granted, it is listed as optional) but silverware and non-disposable plates aren’t listed in “Kitchen Essentials”. Most guys won’t need makeup or ponytail holders, either.

What To Take to College is not meant to be your final college packing list, though. It’s a place to start, to figure out what you currently own and what you need to buy, and it is ideal as a place to begin discussions on packing with the parental units.

Do you remember your first time packing for college? What’d you do right, and what’d you do wrong? Leave it in the comments or hit us up with your first-time packing experiences on Twitter.