As usual there are tons of great discussions underway over at Discuss Campus, but for this roundup we’ll highlight the one that ultimately matters most:

Help Keep Discuss Campus Alive!

Hi Everyone,

So the company that hosts Discuss Campus is changing how they are structuring their accounts. (Stack Exchange is the company, they allow anyone to make a site like Discuss Campus.)

They recently went in a different direction with their business model. Rather than charging for the service, they want to bring all of the sites under one umbrella. This means that Discuss Campus is likely to become or something along those lines.

But for that to happen, we need to prove that we’re dedicate enough to keep this thing going.

To get the ball rolling, visit the proposal site, create an account and then “Follow” the project. Once we have 60 followers, we’ll move onto the next stage.

Please share this with your friends and let’s keep what we’ve got going! 

It would be a real shame to lose the site and its growing community for something like this.  Even if you aren’t a regular at the site, take a moment to “follow” the project. You have to create an account, but you can even just link it to a bunch of other services, so it will literally only take about 30 seconds. Thanks for all your help!