Barnes & Noble has announced their next move in the eTextbook game, NOOKstudy. Set the be released in August, NOOKstudy is free software for both the Mac and PC which will organize digital textbooks, class notes and scanned documents providing a one-stop-shop for managing your academic life. Although specifics are sparse for now, the NOOKstudy will integrate with Blackboard Learn and have all have the tools you’d expect from an eBook reader including text highlighting, definition look up and passage tagging. Barnes & Noble is also touting the ability to instantly download textbooks from their catalogue at a discounted price. 

No mention of if and how NOOKstudy will interact will portable eBook readers such as the NOOK or Apple’s iPad. I think we’d all agree tablet syncing would make NOOKstudy all the more sweeter. Time will tell if the NOOKstudy is the answer to the current dilemma of information organization for students. At the very least, it is a push in the right direction as we transition toward eLearning.