Surviving in college is all about communication. Your high school counselor needs to send your final transcript to your college or university to ensure your admission isn’t rescinded and to prove you graduated. Your class selections need to go from the registrar to the academic advisor to each individual section of each individual class.

So why not make your #1 Internet stop Facebook (presuming you’re one of its 500 million users) and your calendar communicate better? fdCal does just that.

Why go through the work of individually adding each event you’re attending on Facebook to your calendar or try to manage your friends’ birthdays through an occasional glance to the right sidebar? fdCal exports your events feed – customized by you to include either events your attending, maybe attending, or haven’t replied to (or any combination of those) – and your birthday feeds to any RSS reader, any web-based calendar, like Google Calendar or to any desktop-based calendar like Outlook, iCal or Sunbird.

fdCal is usually spot-on, but there’s a few flaws I’ve noticed. When adding Birthdays to your calendar or RSS reader, the feed is static. It is limited to your current friends list with birthdays listed at that point in time – no more, no less. I recommend updating that feed monthly – just so you get the most up-to-date information. Occasionally, there’s some downtime, too. But that’s fairly rare.

You can find fdCal here and it obviously requires a functioning Facebook account to be effective.

What do you think about fdCal? Would you rather just look at your Facebook for events and birthdays or does combining your Facebook and calendar make life easier? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.