Her Campus founders (from l-r) Stephanie Kaplan, Windsor Hanger, and Annie Wang got their start as undergrads. Congratulations to our friends at Her Campus, who were recently named as one of Inc. Magazine’s 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs. The site, a lifestyle hub for the modern “collegiette,” uses a team of nearly 400 student contributors to produce articles on style, health, love, dorm life, the workplace, and world news.

The founders wanted to “speak to the…unique set of wants and needs” of college women too old for Seventeen and too young for Marie Claire “that were not being addressed elsewhere,” said co-founder Stephanie Kaplan. HackCollege readers might enjoy their recent articles on what to eat as an intern, how not to get confused for a high schooler, and how to turn a summer camp job into a career–all useful, and all unlikely to be covered in a traditional women’s magazine.

The site’s success is due in part to its way of distributing both national and local content. The main site shows articles of general interest, while individual “campuses” show content for specific colleges and universities. This allows readers at schools with no women’s magazine of their own to get content of specific interest to them while still building off the resources of a national site. As a result of the format, Her Campus has gone from having a team just at Harvard (the site’s home school) to having a presence at more than 40 colleges and universities nationwide.

As the founders–Stephanie Kaplan, Windsor Hanger, and Annie Wang–go forward (Kaplan and Hanger graduated last year), they hope to add even more individual schools and become “a staple for every college girl’s life,” said Kaplan. Readers interested in starting up a Her Campus branch of their very own can apply here

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