Are you a girl? Do you know a girl? If so, this trick is for you. Image courtesy of Flickr user Beebit and licensed under CC 2.0I’m officially convinced that women invented the concept of lifehacking centuries ago, and only recently did men decide to give it a name and create blogs about it.  It seems like every day my girlfriend gives me a lifehack she picked up at home without realizing how awesome it was, so I started writing them down to share on the site.

Anyway, not everybody has an iron and ironing board in their dorm room, so wrinkled clothes can be a real menace.  You could try to use downy, or hang your clothes up in the bathroom while you take a hot shower, but honestly neither of these options are ideal.  Luckily for you, you either a) are a girl, or b) have convenient access to a girl. My apologies for our friends at all-male colleges.  This is great, because most girls in my experience own a hair straightener, and it just so happens that this is all you need to get rid of wrinkles in a pinch.

I never thought twice about the device until my aforementioned girlfriend whipped it out when I had some wrinkles on the sleeve of a dress shirt.  Without so much as a word she plugged it in and closed my sleeve between the two heated ceramic plates, and slowly slid the iron down the length of the fabric.  Obviously, be sure you aren’t wearing the shirt you’re trying to iron.  It worked surprisingly well as a dual-sided iron, and the wrinkles were all but gone! 

This solution isn’t necessarily ideal.  Most of these irons don’t use any steam so you have to be wary of starting a fire in your closet. Also, since they close onto the fabric like a big pair of tweezers, ironing the main part of a shirt won’t be as easy as getting to the sleeves.  Even so, it’s easier than using a real iron, and it’s probably a lot easier to find too.  Now that your wardrobe is freshly-pressed, don’t forget to brush up on how to keep your clothes wrinkle-free when packing for a trip.