The city of New York is busy preparing for our arrival. Image courtesy of Flickr user Global Jet and licensed under CC 2.0 One thing that makes HackCollege special is that it’s run by students from a variety of different colleges.  Unfortunately, the distance has meant that the staff has never actually convened in one place. This changes next weekend in New York at the first (hopefully annual) HackCollege Summit, presented by Intel. Old salts Kelly, Chris, and David will join Mike, Luke, Laura, and myself at the largest meet up of HackCollege writers ever!  We couldn’t have done this without Intel’s help, and we really can’t thank them enough.
We’ve had a lot of exciting changes at the site in the past few months, and we’ll be using our time together to map out HackCollege’s fifth year. It definitely won’t be all work and no play though, so hit us up in the comments or on Twitter if you’re in town.