Don’t doubt the mighty Evernote elephant. Flickr image courtesy of smarthero. Licensed under CC BY-2.0.If there was the equivalent of the Best New Artist Grammy for webapps, Evernote would win it for 2009-10. We’ve shown it much love in the past year, and deservingly so. Evernote is more open-source than competitors OneNote and is available on nearly all platforms – Windows, Mac, web plugins for all the popular browsers, and nearly all mobile OSes – be it iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Palm.

This versatility makes it THAT much better as a packing tool as well. I’ve considered it essential in packing for my first move-in (12 days!), and have suggested it for my friends to use.

Here’s how to use Evernote as a packing tool that helps both get your bags and boxes in the car for the haul to campus and how to unpack once you’ve arrived at campus. 

First, create a new note with a 5-row, 2-column table. On the left side of the table, categories will be listed and on the rights side, items listed. I categorized items by what needed to be bought before move-in, after move-in, what was bought and needed to be packed, what I already bought AND packed, and what my roommates were bringing. This allowed me to see everything that was going into my room, and was synced – making it portable enough that I could pull it up on my iPod touch while shopping at Target or in my family room’s desktop while putting items into boxes.

Next – once you’re there, you need to unpack. Make a note with a table, listing each bag on the left, and its contents on the right. Be thorough. This will make life easier. Instead of wondering what’s in “Box 3″, you can pull up your mobile app and look exactly at its contents. This allows you to get to your most necessary items quickest, and allows you to know which boxes can wait to be unpacked.

Evernote makes packing that much easier – with little more effort and a large payoff. It might not be able to win a Grammy for webapps, but it’ll definitely impress your parents and maybe even your roommates.